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Modern Baroque Style Wallpaper

Modern Baroque Style Wallpaper

Small Pattern Blue Floral Wallpaper

Small pattern blue floral wallpaper from the 60s. Original retro floral wallpaper with small flower pattern in blue color. Small pattern wallpaper is mostly used for small spaces, it makes a room look larger and more spacious.

Lilting: Award Winning Movie with Vintage Wallpapers

It’s with great delight we were informed that our vintage wallpaper was featured in the movie ‘Lilting’.

The movie won the award for ‘Best Foreign Movie’ on the Sundance Festival.

lilting movie vintage wallpaper

70s retro wallpaper ideas – A Raumideen article about our website

“70s Retro Wallpaper Ideas” is an article that originally appeared on Raumideen, a very well known interior design blog in Germany.

You can find the original article here:

The translation below is done with Google Translate, so it might not be perfect..

70s Retro Wallpaper Ideas

Who does not remember the shrill and gaudy 70s. Platform shoes, roller skates, Afro hairstyles, disco colorful everywhere and ever better. Also for private rooms can be quite the charm of the seventies capture and use for a cozy and trendy atmosphere. While it is not necessarily easy to find original furnishings and furniture of the time, but since the retro style of furnishing and vintage wall colors are quite come back into fashion, one finds partly new and truly authentic-looking furniture, lamps, accessories and of course Retro wallpaper .
70s retro wallpaper ideas

70s wallpaper

Particularly in the wall design of the 70s everyone will probably immediately think of very strange-looking patterns and color combinations. Meandering elements and asymmetric impact pattern at this time were just everywhere and of course totally hip. Also in the color selection of the 70 we went to pretty wild, colorful and gaudy. In addition to classic colors like mint green, a strong orange and brown all imaginable shades also pretty much all possible and impossible color combinations were used.
70s retro wallpaper ideas
If you now so will ensure also in his own apartment for an attractive seventies disco style and an unusual wall design with retro wallpaper, can be found here some very nice impressions and ideas of space.Inspirations and approaches to environmentally or Reproduce that are guaranteed to be one or the other stunned and enraptured gaze.

Wallpaper in vintage and retro style

In the wall design with vintage and retro wallpaper but you should always pay attention to a beautiful composition. Depending on the section of the space or room, partly very nice effects can be achieved, in which one Clearly mark only one wall or part of the wall with the seventies style. These then, at best, even the one or other piece of furniture or as a should chic 70s retro arc lamp are integrated. These can then be but also very beautiful to combine modern and minimalist elements that break up the whole room design and provide a varied and lasting impression.
70 Retro wallpaper ideas
Retro wallpaper in vintage style are also ideal as an eye catcher in the hallway or stairwell and thus spice up fairly basic-looking areas of the apartment on massively. but it is always important that you do not overdo it with the rather-present 70 Einrichtungsstil and finds an equilibrium level. In particular, by the very unusual colors and patterns, it happens quickly, that one overloaded a wall or a room and overturn the positive impression. As is true in most areas of design and design Here again the motto: “Less is often Just More”

Original Vintage Wallpaper buy

When Rechersche about 70s wallpaper we have come through a very exciting online shop from Belgium.On the website one finds a very large and beautiful selection of originalwallpaper from the 70s, 60s and 50s. Into tedious micro-labor and corresponding remainders are here bought and presented to potentially interested customers. As already mentioned, although there is now also so some shops and manufacturers, which pick up on the style of the 70s again in current collections and product lines, but this is of course still no comparison to a genuine and historic original wallpaper from the seventies.
Retro Wallpaper Ideas
Photos of

So if you want to make a true original piece from the time for a real eye-catcher on the own wall, then you should look at the selection of vintage wallpapers in more detail once. The best way to lose no time and Browsed going immediately, because many of the wonderful and send wallpapers are available only in limited quantities.

Click here for the 70 Vintage wallpaper from

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