What is Baroque Wallpaper, Paisley Wallpaper, Geometric Wallpaper and Floral Wallpaper?

5 October 2014 - Posted by: Delphine

The most popular styles of vintage wallpaper

Baroque Wallpaper

Purple and Pink Baroque Wallpaper

Purple Pink Baroque Wallpaper

Baroque Wallpaper was very popular is the 1960s, the last years it has made it’s comeback.
There are many different kinds of baroque wallpapers, going from colorful elegant designs to heavy embossed patterns or just the repeat of a soft colored flower bunch.
The embossed baroque wallpapers are collectively known as Castle wallpapers, they have an stylish and expensive look. These Castle wallpapers are often used on high ceilings and in old classic houses. Whether you wallpaper the entire room or just a wall the result will be amazing.
Many of the vintage baroque wallpapers were finished of with golden accents which really make the difference in the end. The gold outlining of a pattern, the golden glitter on a background plays with the light and makes the wallpaper come to life. Of course there were many typical and more all days designs which are also nice and more suitable for casual places.

Floral Wallpaper

Vintage Blue Floral Wallpaper

Vintage Blue Floral Wallpaper

Floral Wallpapers, One of the most popular styles of wallpaper in the 1970s and now a days again in great demand. In the seventies there just was no limit on the production of wallpapers, they produced hundreds of new designs every season. The variation in design and color is simply unbeatable with the production now a days. Floral wallpapers with small patterns make a room look larger and more spacious, floral wallpapers with large patterns are best at their best on large surfaces. The design of a flower wallpaper can be abstract or lifelike, abstract floral wallpaper have a more modern appearance and are usually brightly colored , illustrative floral wallpapers are more traditional and less jump out to the rest of the room.

Geometric wallpaper

Verner Panton Retro Wallpaper

Verner Panton Retro Wallpaper

Geometric Wallpapers the most known wallpaper style of the Space Age ! Geometric wallpapers are just magical, the designs of the patterns and the color combinations are the work of top designers. The famous designer Verner Panton certainly put his stamp as wallpaper designs, the most popular one is the endless curl pattern as shown in the image. In the late sixties and seventies these trend-setting wallpapers were a must in every modern interior. There was an endless choice of geometric design wallpapers on the market and just everybody started wallpapering his house from top to bottom. An easy to hang wallpaper, Week-end Wallpaper, came on the market and conquered all of the world. For those who hadn’t yet used wallpaper in their home a new world opened: it was easy to hang and the job was done in a weekend, from there the name, Week-end Wallpaper. Except for a bowl of water you needed nothing, this Week-end wallpaper was also easy removable so people started changing the look of their home often as they could transformed a space into a modern, cheerful and colorful room in just a day. Wallpaper was booming business !

Paisley wallpaper

Pink Paisley Wallpaper

Pink Paisley Wallpaper

Paisley wallpaper is maybe less known but has conquered the heart of many designers. With it’s elegant and fine-drawn designs paisley wallpapers are very characteristic, for those who love the paisley style these wallpapers can put a stamp on a room.

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