Vintage Wallpapers is an online shop that sells authentic vintage wallpapers, fabrics and self-adhesive papers from the 1920s to 1980s.


All products come from dead stock, we do not sell reproductions.


The warehouse in located in Ghent, Belgium. You can visit us on appointment.


Our products:

  • Wallpaper :  Wallpaper
  • Vinyl wallpaper : Wallpaper covered with a plastic layer. Water resistant, cleanable and strong.
  • Fabrics : Some Fabrics are available by meter, others per coupon and sold in one piece.
  • Self-adhesive papers : Plastic paper and self-adhesive vinyl originally from the 60s and 70s.
  • Wallpaper sample box : Collection of wallpaper samples.


Our Collection of Wallpapers:

  • Floral wallpaper : Floral wallpapers, a never ending collection of floral designs, available in all color combinations, styles and patterns. Large pattern floral wallpaper, Botanical wallpaper, Nature  wallpaper, Palm wallpaper, Geometric floral wallpaper, Baroque floral wallpaper, Damask floral wallpaper, Paisley floral wallpaper, …
  • Geometric wallpaper : Geometric wallpapers are available in endless colors, patterns and shapes. Small patterns will make the space look larger, large patterns will visually make the room more impressing. Psychedelic wallpaper, Geometric wallpaper, Geometric floral wallpaper, Retro Wallpaper, Pop-Art Wallpaper, ..
  • Stripes Wallpaper : Striped wallpaper available in a variety of styles. Stripes wallpapers with or without pattern, stripes wallpaper decorated with flowers, damask patterns. Stripes will visually make the walls look higher. When decorating with stripes consider the size of the room. The larger the room, the wider the stripes should be. Thin stripes can look too cluttered in a large room, while wide stripes can lose their impact in a small space.
  • Kids Wallpaper: Vintage children’s wallpaper with detailed cartoon designs and colorful fantasy patterns make you dream away. Vintage ads wallpaper, Vintage girls wallpaper, Vintage boys wallpaper, ..
  • Flock & Textile wallpaper :  Luxurious flocked wallpapers, linnen wallpapers or jute wallpapers with impressive designs and colors creating a rich and high-end spectacle. Our collections offers flocked velvet wallpapers, natural linnen wallpapers, jute wallpapers.
  • Damask / Baroque Wallpaper : Damask wallpapers, also called Baroque wallpapers characterized by impressive luxurious and dramatic motifs of flowers, ornaments and artistic details are available in a variety of classic and contemporary styles. Modern Damask Wallpapers, Floral Damask Wallpapers, Castle Wallpapers, Geometric Baroque Wallpapers
  • Plain wallpaper : One color plain wallpapers and textured wallpapers.


All wallpapers in our collection are double rolls of 10 meter (33 feet) length. 

Unless stated differently.


1 roll covers 5 m2 which equals 53,8 ft². No loss included, standard loss is 7%.


All wallpapers in our collection are in good condition. 


Each roll is inspected once more before shipment.


Our Collection of Fabrics:

We have a limited collection of authentic vintage fabrics for sale.

Some are by meter and some are sold as coupon.


Our Collection of Self-adhesive papers

We have a collection of vintage 70s & 80s self-adhesive vinyls and velvet papers.

These are sold by meter.





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