Wallpaper calculator

wallpaper calculator

You can use a wallpaper calculator to calculate how many rolls you need for your project:

Or you can do this simply by yourself. One roll of wallpaper is typically 10,05 meter (33 feet) long and 0,53 meter (1,7 feet) wide. One roll thus can cover 5 m² (53,8 ft²) (loss of paper not included). You do need to charge a bit lost: after all, the larger the pattern of the wallpaper, the more loss, and the smaller the pattern of the wallpaper, the less loss you have.
On www.vintagewallpapers.be, you find the width, height and pattern repeat of every roll on each product page.
Any questions? Feel free to contact us via chat, mail or the contact page. We’d love to help you!

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