Vintage Wallpapers: Authentic Original Wallpapers from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s. All in Mint Condition. 

Vintage Wallpapers only sells authentic wallpaper from a dead stock. All vintage wallpapers are originals from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s. They all are in excellent condition. Most vintage wallpapers are still in their original shrink wrap.

We have authentic original wallpaper and vinyl wallpaper from manufacturers such as: Crown, Inaltéra, Eijffinger, Cole & Son, Arte International, P+S, Rath + Doodeheefver, Eurodec, Venilia, Follot, Rasch, Hildesia, Leroy Express, Lunavit, Racorama, Goudsmidhof and others.

Brighten up Your Home!

Vintage Wallpapers are the perfect way to bright up your room. Vinyl wallpaper is used to decorate a bathroom or kitchen. Vinyl wall covering consist of different layers. The top layer is from plastic which makes it water resistant and easy to clean.

The online collection offers retro vintage wallpapers, vinyl wallpapers, vintage fabrics, vintage rugs and retro adhesive foils. 

Any Questions? We Love to Help You!

Are you looking for a colorful geometric wallpaper? A classy baroque wallpaper? Or just a plain wallpaper? You are at the right place!

Are you seeking for a particular retro wallpaper? Feel free to contact me through the chat in the lower right corner of every page on this website. Or just drop me an email via the contact page.

Do you have a dead stock of vintage wallpapers for sale that fits this collection? Let us know, me might be interested.

We Ship Fast and Worldwide

All original vintage wallpapers and vinyl wall coverings you find here are from a dead stock. Therefore, everything you find here on this online shop ships the same day.

Enjoy your visit and don’t forget : we’re always at your service!

Papier peint, retro tapete, papel pintado: we speak your language!

We speak English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish. The main language of this webshop is English, but we’re happy to assist you in your own language.

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Wallpaper Revival

You know the story: vinyl got killed by cd’s. Cd’s got killed by mp3’s. And wallpaper got killed by paint. 

In the 80’s, many wallpaper manufacturers went bankrupt because of the sudden emergence of paint. Wallpaper was old and out of fashion. Just as vinyl was.

But in the 2000’s, after the iPod cannibalised vinyl and paint ate wallpapers, things had changed: suddenly, vinyl and wallpaper were hip again. The hippest photographers, most exclusive stores, tv series, forefront architetcs… started using wallpaper again. Wallpaper enjoyed a revival, together with vinyl.

What could be the reason for this revival? It’s the pursuit of warmth. Pureness. Authenticity. Wallpaper has it imperfections. Vintage Wallpapers mostly aren’t perfect. That is what it makes human. Have you ever seen a human without imperfections? It’s the imperfections that makes a human beautiful. Same story for wallpaper. There are many recent reproductions on the market, but nothing beats the real deal.

Let’s take it back to vinyl: you can read a wonderful article about vinyl killing the mp3 industry here. Do you wonder why Prince sounds like 8-bit Nintendo on cd, but genius on vinyl? Read this article, and you know why.

We fought for years to get our analog technology to sound like digital perfection. Now that we’ve achieved it, we’ll be spending the rest of our lifetimes trying to get that flawed authenticity back.

Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl wallpapers are washable, light-resistant and extremely durable. It makes them the ideal candidate for frequently used rooms such as kitchens, toilets or bathrooms. Vinyl wallpaper consists of a backing layer, paper or fibre, and a plastic upper coating (PVC or PU).

Here at Vintage Wallpapers you find a large choice of vinyl vintage wallpapers. If you want easy to clean and durable wallpaper, have a look in our vinyl wallpaper section!

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