Do you also have a physical wallpaper shop?

We don’t have a physical wallpaper shop, but we do have a warehouse. It can be visited on appointment.  All wallpapers from this online wallpaper shop can be viewed there. All wallpapers are original retro wallpapers from a dead stock. Almost all wallpapers of this wallpaper shop are still wrapped in their original plastic. We have one roll of each design opened which can be viewed. In the warehouse, all wallpapers are sorted.  You can browse throught the main decades such as the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. You can see various styles such as geometric, floral, stripes, baroque… Please, keep in mind that it can take a lot of time to see wallpapers in a warehouse. In fact, all rolls are stocked in racks. Off course, this online wallpaper shop is the fastest way to browse through all wallpapers. We actually put a lot of efforts to photograph and edit each wallpaper. This way, we ensure the colors are as veracious as possible. We don’t boost the colors of each wallpaper to make them look prettier on screen. Also, always keep in mind that screen colors can vary, depending on your screen and color settings. Generally, almost all customers are pleasantly surprised when they get their wallpaper delivered.

How to reach the wallpaper shop

We are located in Ghent, Belgium. The nearest train station is Gent Sint-Pieters. If you come by car, we’re at a five minutes drive of the centre of Ghent. There’s free parking space in front of the warehouse. To make an appointment, simply sent us an email or chat with us. You can start a live chat in the lower right corner of every page on this online wallpaper shop.

Wallpaper Shop Warehouse

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