1960s Vintage Floral Wallpaper
Retro Vintage Wallpaper - 125 - 2015-07-14 - 126 of 2761960s Vintage Floral Wallpaper
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1960s Vintage Floral Wallpaper

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10m x 0.53m


1 kg


50s, 60s

Floral Wallpaper, Romantic Wallpaper, Small Pattern Wallpaper

Brown, Cream


Vénilia wallpapers

1960s Vintage floral wallpaper with a cream colored background and lots of small brown flowers. A typical sixties wallpaper with a lovely and romantic appearance. This wallpaper is suitable for the wallpapering of an entire area or for an accent wall. It’s also a nice wallpaper to decorate certain accents in your home. You can for example wallpaper the list of the doors, the inside of a closet, a frame on the wall, etc. with this gorgeous wallpaper. 1960s Vintage floral wallpaper produced by Vénilia Wallpapers.