Pink Floral Wallpaper
Pink Floral WallpaperPink Floral WallpaperPink Floral Wallpaper
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Vintage Pink Floral Wallpaper

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10m x 0.53m

1 kg


50s, 60s

Floral Wallpaper, Small Pattern Wallpaper

Green, Rose


P+S International

Original vintage pink floral wallpaper from the late ’50s. This romantic floral wallpaper will transform your interior in a cozy and romantic interior decor. It will create an element of cozy and charming atmosphere in your home. This wallpaper is suitable for the wallpapering of an entire area or for an accent wall. It’s also a nice wallpaper to decorate certain accents in your home. You can for example wallpaper the list of the doors, the inside of a closet, a frame on the wall, etc. with this gorgeous wallpaper